Ground Breaking Method of Generating Thousands of Laser targeted clicks to any offer for just a penny

So you may have heard all the hype around affiliate marketing and how it can make you literally millions overnight. Well we all know that in reality its just not that simple, but we have found out from an exclusive source how one man has change the face of making money online.

Affiliate marketing is really all about numbers and people. You need to get a large volume of people in front of an offer, but if the people are just not interested in the offer then its just a waste of money sending someone to it, and costing you money. This is where the targeting comes into play, you need to be able to target specifically the people you put that offer in front of, you know then the chances of a sale is far more likely and more profitable.

This is where this guy Roy Pocock has managed to figure it all out so it seems.

He did this using a very simple tactic and the power of Facebook advertising.

Just take a little look at this exclusive screen shot we managed to get


As you can see from the results they just speak for themselves and remember the actions are the clicks that went directly to his page/offer.

So lets do a little bit of maths shall we

£13.02 divided by 1037 clicks gives you a total of £0.001 per visitor or £0.01 wow! and this is highly targeted to what he was promoting. We don’t know how much money he made out of this but this method is by any means the cheapest laser targeted clicks to a site we have ever seen.

Love or hate Facebook, their ad platform just got a whole lot more interesting, for us included.

The best bit of news is this guy is giving away this method to anyone that wants to know how to do this.

If your interested in his method hit the button below

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